We welcome highly qualified Engineers, Biologists and Physicists from around the world, in particular underrepresented minorities & women.

Our multidisciplinary lab thrives on diversity. | Credit: Stanford University


Opportunities for working with Professor Lentink

Graduate students at Stanford University

Every year I welcome a couple of motivated graduate (PhD) students who are interested in Bio-Inspired Flight with a focus on Biomechanics, Robot Design, Fluid Dynamics, as well as other research specializations.

Postdocs with fellowships in Engineering or Biology

Contact me if you are excited about my research areas and want to do a Postdoc in my lab at Stanford University supported by your own national or international fellowship.

Stanford SURI Undergrad Research

We are looking for and welcoming highly motivated Stanford undergrads to participate in our bird research, aerial robotics, and other research projects: Undergrads from all engineering departments are welcome.

Projects for students from universities in The Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland

Outstanding Physics & Engineering students from univeristies in The Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland are welcome to apply for a 6-9 month MSc (or internship) project in my lab to write a thesis for their home institution (examples from the past include Delft, Eindhoven, Bremen, and ETH).

Projects for visiting students in comparative biomechanics

Talented and internationally oriented students from comparative biomechanics labs around the world are welcome to pursue a flight-related project as a visiting student. The lab is interested in short exciting research projects focused on questions that broaden our biological understanding of flight.